3 weeks program

The goal of this course is to draw “a scene which you think is cool”
The work which is done by students can be either an illustration or one page with panels, the choice of which is up to the student. We tend to recommend a page with panels, because it's more manga-like and one can learn the methods of manga frame-work in the process. But this may be difficult for some students – thus one can draw a simple illustration, in that case. Still there are many things one can study, such as composition, where and how characters are placed, how to draw the face, figures, expressions, the background, props, and so on…
Each student is invited to describe the scene that he/she wishes to draw during the class. The teacher will then supply advice on that drawing out-loud so that all the members of the class can learn something from it. Some students could be stimulated by this and also get ideas for their own work
During the session, students can ask the teacher whatever they choose and the teacher can also supply suggestions occasionally to class members. The teacher explains with some examples – to the entire class - so that other class members can benefit from the tips as well, we expect. We also offer an individual tutorial to each student, depending on his/her needs, but while also making all of the processes appealing and helpful for other students too. We believe this can work better than simply listening to a lecture.
Every single student is required to finish a piece of drawing at very least, before the end of this course. If the student has more capacity, he or she can produce more drawings. It could be a sequel of the page they had finished first (kind of a short sequence) or an entirely different one.